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Vegans claim that beekeepers are slave owners, that honey is theft. I believe in market forces and I think that if bees had the power of rational thought they would be willing to exchange their surplus honey for clean, freestanding, man-made hives that are reminiscent of up-market beach huts. Bees already work in a pleasant environment—-flowers, et cetera—- and they would want the classy living arrangements to match.
Oliver Tate, Submarine by Joe Dunthorne

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Everyone should read “Submarine;” especially if you enjoyed the film

”’…I use Trojans, America’s number one brand,’ I say. My dad is a historian. Albeit in Welsh history. I expect him to say that I should be wary of trusting a condom brand named after a moment in history when the Greeks snuck their army—-or penis—-into a Trojan fort—-or vagina—-by hiding it in a giant wooden horse—-or condom—-that they pretended was a gift. When the Trojans got drunk, the condom split and all the Greek soldiers wriggled out and got down to some serious pillaging.”

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