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We’re back!

We just spent the last week in the Cape, and it was fabulous!  Each day we went to a different part of Cape Cod and did a variety of fun things.  I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday 10 and my husband got a bunch of Kennedy things for me, so I was one very happy girl! :)

We stayed at a quaint but fancy little motel in East Sandwich called The Earl of Sandwich.  It had a little duck pond in the back with geese and a variety of ducks and even some chickens running around.  They had a variety of wooden lawn furniture, and a nice flower garden.  The rooms were spacious and had a gorgeous four-post canopy bed.  We had modest, but delicious complimentary breakfast of zucchini bread, a variety of muffins (my favourite were the cranberry with fresh Cape Cod cranberries) and fresh OJ and watermelon slices.

We went to Hyannis and Yarmouth for my birthday and spent the day walking around living like a Kennedy. ;)  We had an amazing seafood lunch in Yarmouth at a place called The Skipper, and enjoyed the view from the outside patio upstairs that overlooks the beach.  Later, we went to a huge antique store and I got an amazing poster of Jack from about 1963-4, a collectors card from a series of 77 that were printed in the 60’s during the presidency, and a eulogy card.  We went to the beach near the Kennedy Compound and then to the Hyannisport Country Club where Jack liked to golf. We went to Four Seas Ice Cream and I had the fresh peach, which was Jackie’s favourite flavour, too! Andrew had the pineapple orange frozen yogurt which was amazing as well!  We had an amazing fancy dinner at the Paddock, and they gave me a $20 discount on my entree, so I only paid about $8 for a quality meal. We shared some Oysters Rockefeller, which were superb, I had pan seared scallops with wild mushroom risotto and sauce gascogne; Andrew tried swordfish and it was so good, we will definitely have it again! I had a cantaloupe martini for my birthday cocktail, we then shared some of the most delicious creme brulee —they put a candle in it and my husband and waitress sang me “happy birthday.” :)

Thursday, we went to the Audubon Nature Centre in Wellfleet where we walked around a variety of trails from the forest to marshlands and swamps all the way out to the boardwalk to the ocean.  We saw a variety of plants and birds and enjoyed some amazing views from a number of look-outs.  We drove up to Provincetown after where we had a fantastic fish n chips lunch on the Wharf.  After we loaded up on food for energy, we made the 280-some foot climb up the Pilgrim Monument to get a 360 degree bird’s-eye-view of the Cape.  It was gorgeous up there—there was an amazing breeze and the view was breath-taking!  Pictures hardly do it justice. 

For dinner, we treated ourselves to the Lobster Pot since we didn’t get to go last year because we were there too early in the season!  I had a yummy Peach Cosmopolitan and Andrew had a delicious Cape Cod Summer Ale and we shared an amazing bowl of chowdah baked into a bread bowl—best chowdah on the Cape!  Andrew had a Tuna Shashimi Roll with Daikan and Ginger; I had a hot seafood sampler of Mussels Marinara, Clams Casino, Blackened Shrimp, and Oysters Rockefeller.  Later, we went to the White Sands hotel and drank a bottle of wine on the private beach and watched the sun set (to the right) and the moon rise (to the left).  We waded in the water as the tide came in, too…it was so warm!  Once it was dark, we went in the indoor pool and hot tub for a couple of hours before we drove back to our room in Sandwich and called it a night.

The last day, we drove out to Boston to spend the day at the JFK Library and Museum.  It was free admission day, so that was planned out well. I got to see Jack’s top hat and gloves, and Jackie’s coat, boots, hat and muff that she wore on the Inauguration day—it was gorgeous! 

I was dressed as I always am, but for an extra-special touch, I wore a pair of my white gloves with my favourite blue dress and my Kennedy button that I always wear.  I felt extra patriotic, and a bit like a museum exhibit myself, because I got so many comments and compliments on my outfit from patrons and tour guides alike.  Everyone thought I worked at the museum or that I was dressed up “like Jackie” for a particular reason.  They were all amazed when I told them that I always dress like that because I love vintage clothes and Jackie is one of my fashion icons and that I just love the Kennedy’s and always have. I got the contact information for the HR director of the museum so that I can talk to her about volunteering and working for the museum next year when my husband and I make the move to the Boston area. I can’t wait!  I was also randomly offered a job with a health clinic by a lady who struck up a conversation with me based on my outfit (who got her picture taken with “Jackie” [me.]) lol  So now I have got some contacts in the area and I am moving up! haha  All in all, it was a perfect week and a fabulous vacation…I think I covered everything, though I am sure I am missing a few things here and there.  If you want to know more or have any questions, shoot a message to me HERE.

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